Water Dependent Diseases

Pathogens that are dependent and related to water can be placed into four main groups. Those groups are waterborne diseases, water-washed  diseases, water-based diseases, and water-related diseases.

This infographic was made as the final assignment for Analysis of Environmental Contaminants class. Each box has one of the four groups of water dependent diseases, a related icon within a stylized water drop for easy identification, a short educational snippet that defines the group, and examples of the organisms that inhabit the group. The infographic is eye-catching and engaging with a range of blue-greys hues to subtly remind the viewer that they are learning about water pathogens. The footer encourages people to visit the CDC and their library of information on the subject if the reader of the infographic wants to learn more. The QR code links to this page for the sources below.


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  • Purpose

    Scientific Infographic

  • Class

    Analysis of Environmental Contaminants