My name is Will Dockery

and I am a multi-skilled creative and thoughtful professional.


Hello! My name is Will Dockery. I have experienced multiple successes in business, athletics, and public policy. I am looking forward to achieving similar and integrated goals in science and research. I am primarily interested in biogeochemistry and environmental interactions with plants, but I also have a love for entomology and molecular biology. I have a B.A. in Oral Communications and I am finishing up a B.S.A. in Environmental, Soil, and Water Science. I am a hard worker who is willing to pay my dues, and I am currently looking for environmental science opportunities that reflect my unique skill set.

Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to utilize the many talents, skills, and opportunities that I have been blessed with to make this world a better place — both now and in the future — while participating in an authentic life that is marked with direction, purpose, integrity, honesty, love, curiosity, and joyful energy.

Five Year Goals

Master’s Degree in Geological Sciences or Microbiology
Publish Original Research as a first author in a Tier 1 Journal
Earn FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
Continue to be involved in my local community as a thought-leader

Ten Year Goals

Doctoral Degree in Biogeochemistry
Scientific and Urban Planning Policy Authority
Launch Consulting Agency